AR Image

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Also known as Interactive Print, Augmented Reality is a new technology combining the best of both worlds, print and digital. AR works with the Layar app (currently) with iPhone, iPad and Droid devices.

First, let me explain

Why the sliced bread analogy? It is a half-page ad placed in a 20 page publication for the Village Baker in Spring Lake. I tailored the message about augmented reality to the baker and their fantasic bread. Click this link for an online pdf version.

How It Works

Once the free app is downloaded to your device, frame this ad within the app, tap the screen and watch me come to life. Very cool (This will work right from your computer screen as well as the printed piece).

Imagine how your message can be enhanced and expanded with a very memorable experience such as this. Call me anytime to discuss the possibilities for your next mail campaign, catalog or other marketing plan.