Bowling Lanes

Bowling Lane Design

I design the graphics for privately owned bowling lanes. Working with Brunswick in Muskegon, I receive a request for a lane design with a simple theme, such as, Pirates - and go from there to develop the artwork.


This has to be one of the most challenging projects that I've ever worked on. Especially considering that people will be standing on my artwork. Perspective of the viewer dictates a top-down viewpoint in the approach area of the lane. Then perspective comes into play as you view down the lane.

The lanes measure 76' in length and each panel is 59" x 144" at 150 dpi, cmyk. HUGE files. The approach area per lane (where you throw the ball) combines about 1.5 panels making it around 15' long by 5' wide. The Race Cars therefore are almost full sized.

The masking units that hang above the pins on the back wall cover 2 lanes each, making the Pirate Theme Masking Unit over 77 feet long! (14 lanes wide)

The Pirate Theme (14 lanes) was installed in a military base in South Korea, the Ocean Theme (6 lanes) is in Sweden and the Race Car Theme (8 lanes) is going to Mexico.